Nippon Bleach Character Creation

Alright, you want to make a character here. I'm going to walk you through all the steps, so follow along and pay attention. If at any point there is anything you don't understand, please feel free to ignore that part of the profile, and post what you've got with a request for help with the missing portion.

  • Nippon Bleach Character Creation Step 1: Open the Bio Application and copy/paste it into some sort of file to fill out. (I use notepad personally, but anything should do. The internet isn't fully reliable, so it's best to type this somewhere on your computer, then copy/paste it into the post box when you are ready.) Feel free to jot some notes into the file for use with your Nippon Bleach character, things that come to mind, etc.

  • Nippon Bleach Character Creation Step 2: Read the Site Rules. Pay attention to them and remember them.

  • Nippon Bleach Character Creation Step 3: Read the Statistics page, followed by the Substats page to get an idea for how the stats work here and start coming up with what kind of statistical archtype you want for your character. Whether slow but strong and durable (which is actually viable here), or fast and fragile, or any number of other possibilities. Characters begin with 200 Reiatsu, distributed among the four stats, and grow as they roleplay.

  • Nippon Bleach Character Creation Step 4: Read the Proficiencies page to learn how to further customize a character through his focus in various areas based on his/her race.

  • Nippon Bleach Character Creation Step 5: Read the Nippon Bleach Fight Guide to learn how combat works here, so you know what you're getting into.

  • Nippon Bleach Character Creation Step 6: Read the Races page, as well as the subpages for each given race, and choose a race that appeals to you. While doing this, start thinking about your baseline special ability, and how you want it to supplement your combat style. (Keep in mind that your special ability will be the foundation for most of the techniques you design, at least until acquiring your second stage.)

  • Nippon Bleach Character Creation Step 7: Read the Abilities page to learn the guidelines for baseline abilities and techniques.

  • Nippon Bleach Character Creation Step 8: Fill out what remains in your application according to what you learned in earlier steps, referring back if necessary.

  • Final Nippon Bleach Character Creation Step: Submit your application in the Nippon Bleach Character Creation Board and wait patiently. A mod will reply to your thread within twenty-four hours and modify your ability as necessary. (Of course, the modification process isn't one sided. Mods will work with you to produce a balanced ability, as explained on the Abilities Page.) If there is anything you still don't understand or need help with, please feel free to submit your incomplete bio, and post your questions in a reply to your bio thread.
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