Quincy gain 1 free ginto spell for each stage of their development, and can, if desired, purchase additional spells from their overall technique pool.

What separates a Ginto from a Kidou more than anything else, is the power source. Ginto require Reiryoku that is focused in a manner that Quincy and, for that matter, Shinigami can not achieve in the moment, instead depleting previously charged 'Ginto Tubes,' the number of which a Quincy can supply and maintain varying based on their Ginto Proficiency. The average spell consumes one tube, and deals damage or causes an effect with a power equal to the Quincy's Spirit. A spell can be designed with greater costs, such as more tubes or a longer incantation, however, for greater effect.

Filling a tube in combat takes 1 action, and costs twenty stamina. A tube so filled, however, must 'soak' for one full turn after the turn in which it was filled before it is ready for use.

Overload: By channeling an 20 stamina through an active Ginto tube(s) during the casting, a Quincy can 'overload' the tube, disintegrating it and adding a +1 to any single facet of the spell (typically Spirit Velocity or Spirit vs Resistance, although there are others.) Gaining a replacement tube will cost them 50 exp per overloaded tube, and can not be repurchased mid-thread.
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