Racial Techniques Chart

This chart will show how many free techniques a character of a given race gets, as well as how many they are able to purchase.

Racial Technique Slots per Growth Stage
RaceFree SlotsPurchase SlotsSpecial Notes

  • Kido is the 'magic' used by Shinigami, split into two divisions, Hado, or way of destruction, and Bakudo, or way of binding. Shinigami gain free spells depending on their ranks in their proficiency in these arts.

  • Ginto is the Quincy's answer to Kido. Ginto spells are cast from silver tubes through incantation, with each Quincy receiving a single Ginto spell per rank, additional spells, if desired, must be purchased from the Quincy's technique pool shown in the chart.

  • Fullbring is a power spiritualists can tap into, that can help them to fill out their vast list of potential techniques.

  • Cero is a power unique to the menos, a massive blast of Spirit Energy, capable of tremendous destruction. Menos gain Cero as a free 'ability' of sorts, gain a free technique based on it at stages 2 and 3, and can use their tech slots to make other Cero-based techniques if desired.
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