Menos, or the few, are the elite among Hollows, beasts borne from the souls of men. With the sealing away of the Spirit King and the Demons, the task of transferring souls to their proper afterlife fell onto the Shinigami, who's blades carried traces of the King's power. As souls linger on earth, waiting to be sent to Soul Society, the 'Chain of Fate', a chain which had bound Spirit to Body, will begin to slowly break away, link by link. If the Shinigami fail in their duty, and do not reach the soul in time, it transforms into a Hollow, a spirit beast with an insatiable hunger for souls.

These Hollows go through their 'afterlives' feasting on souls, especially strong ones, such as Spiritualists, Shinigami, and fellow Hollows. After a vast and successful period (which may take anywhere from a year to a century) of devouring souls and growing, Hollows reach a plateau, before transforming into the "Menos" stages, which they are suitable for play here as PC's. (To those familiar with Bleach, Gillians do not exist, they are too dumb to live, and were pretty much only there as canon fodder against captains and such, and have been replaced with something playable, the Gruñido.)

  • Gruñido (Peasant Class): These are the least of the Menos, the grunts so to speak, looking the most like standard hollows. With unique tweaks to their physiology and masks, Gruñido have at last regained their full will and mental capacity; overcoming their driving instincts and hunger.

  • Adjucha (Middle Class): These are the middle class Menos, which tend to take on animalistic shapes and appearances, with their masks blending into their form.

  • Vasto Lorde (Lord Class): The cream of the crop, Vasto Lorde are the most Human-like of all Hollows, many of them looking similar to how they did in life. Some retain traces of their Adjuchas state, while others leave all traces behind entirely.

Menos possess the following proficiencies: Unarmed Combat, Hoho, Cero, Hierro, and Regeneration

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