Quincy Revelations

Quickening: When unlocking their Quincy powers, every quincy goes through a 'Quickening' which reveals their special unique abilities as a Quincy, be it Elemental Reiatsu, affinity towards a certain method of Reishi/Reiatsu applications, or something else entirely. Come up with whatever cool stuff you can think of that makes sense within the Quincy framework, and the staff will help make it a reality.

Sanrei Bonding: There comes a time, when a Quincy reaches the pinnacle of their innate powers, that they can grow no further without the help of a Sanrei. To be specific, a Sanrei is a Quincy artifact that repels Reiryoku, making it much harder for a Quincy to use his powers. By struggling through the Sanrei's effects, the Quincy will overcome this natural plateau, and reach yet new heights of power. 

Letzt Stil: When removing the Sanrei, a Quincy experiences an incredible rush of power, as they begin to innately break down all the Reishi around them into Reiryoku, literally deconstruction spirit buildings and weak spirits, turning them into pure ammo and power. The first time a Quincy releases this power, his body will not be able to handle it, and he will lose his Quincy powers for an extended period (but he will retain his natural strength, and ability to use Ginto.) Only a quest, once enough natural strength is achieved, will restore these powers, after which Letzt Stil can be used freely, releasing the restraints the Sanrei gives much like how a Shinigami releases the seals on his Zanpakuto.

With each Revelation, a Quincy gains a new 'basic ability' and one free technique with it. Beyond that, a Quincy is able to purchase up to four additional techniques for each Revelation (s)he possesses, but if he desires more than a single Ginto spell for each revelation he will need to spend some of these technique slots to acquire them.
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