As Bleach fans are well aware, there are four primary races in the bleachverse, and each of them will get their own page.

Shinigami: Soul Reapers, Angels, guardians of the dead and emissaries of Seretei, these champions of heaven are tasked with bringing souls to their respective afterlives, and vanquishing the Hollows that roam the world.

Menos: Hollows don't stay purely hunger andd instinct driven forever. After acquiring enough Reiatsu (usually through feeding on other souls, especially other hollows) they evolve into something far more intelligent and powerful. Note that while Hollows of all kinds share an instinct towards feeding and devouring, Menos are far more sophistocated and stable, with perhaps half as many neutral ones trying to live peacefully as there are evil monsters, and even a few good ones.

Quincy: masters of external Spiritual Energy, the Quincy are a very old clan of humans that have committed to protecting humanity from spiritual threat, specializing in ranged combat.

Spiritualists: Quincy aren't the only humans that have developed the ability to see and combat on a spiritual level. Many other humans develop abilities of their own over time. What these humans lack in order and organization, they make up for with unpredictability. No two sets of human powers are identical, even the children of spiritualists (which always awaken similar powers sooner or later) tend to have notable differences from their parents
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