Fuck you Tite Kubo

Differences from Canon: The ways this game flips Kubo Tite the bird.

  1. There is no Karakura town, Nippon Bleach centers on real world Japan (hence the 'Nippon' in the name), and very well may have conflicts across the globe.

  2. You can not sense the nature of someone's Reiatsu. All you can do is get a vague idea where someone is, and a rough estimate of how much stronger or weaker they are than you (assuming that they aren't suppressing their Reiatsu.)

  3. There are no retarded canon fodder Gillian class menos, which have been replaced by the Hyakusho class, which is actually functionally intelligent at the same power level.

  4. There are no 'numbered ranks' there is simply the Captain, and Officers (who are determined by having Shikai) and a Lieutenant whom the Captain chooses from among his Officers. This also applies to Espada, the only rank that counts is Cero (and that only for roleplay purposes.)

  5. Vasto Lorde are actually fucking badass, and will rape and murder any rookie (or moderately experienced) captain class fighter that tries to fight them.

  6. This isn't cannon. Abilities are balanced around... balance. Something Kubo doesn't seem to comprehend.
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