Each Kido spell has a rank (which determines it's power and effects) and a type, which determines other facets about the spell. A spell's 'number' therefore, is the Rank in the ten's digit, and the type in the 1's digit. Hadou 35, for example, is a 3rd rank, Solid Projectile Destructive Spell.

To know the number of Kido spells and of which ranks are available to a Shinigami, see the Kido proficiency chart.

Kido Rank values (note these are all guidelines, rather than hard set facts, details will be discussed during creation.)

Tier 1 (equal comparison of spirit vs resistance)

Rank 1: 5 stamina

Rank 2: 10 stamina

Rank 3: 15 stamina

Tier 2: (+1 Spirit vs Resistance)

Rank 4: 25 stamina

Rank 5: 35 stamina

Rank 6: 45 stamina

Tier 3: (+2 spirit vs Resistance)

Rank 7: 60 stamina

Rank 8: 75 stamina

Rank 9: 90 stamina

Tier 4: (+3 spirit vs Resistance)

Rank 10: 100 stamina

Below are each of the two Kido disciplines. Hadou, the way of destruction, and Bakudou, the way of binding.

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