Character Template

This is only a rough template for the time being. I'll probably make something a little cleaner later, but this will suffice for now.

A note to Shinigami: Division is not entirely up to your choice. Depending on how well your ability, personality, and history mesh with the division, the staff may send you to a different one. So please, if you have your heart set towards a given division, write your character into it thematically, and request that division in your rank. IE: "Rank: 6th Division Officer."

[b][u]Name:[/u][/b] (Insert your character's name.)

[img](Insert a direct url to a picture if you have one)[/img]
[b][u]Description:[/u][/b] (Both a description and a picture together is recommended, because a picture is useful, but tends to have gaps that a description will cover, but a detailed description will suffice if necessary.)

[b][u]Race:[/u][/b] (Insert your character's race. Although they are available at character creation, don't make an Ascended Human for your first character. Start with one of the four core races and play from there.)

[b][u]Rank:[/u][/b] (Officer for a Shinigami, Gruñido for a Hollow, 'Quickened' for a Quincy, and whatever you're organization/clan has for one of your level if a Spiritualist (leave blank if the character is a Spiritualist without a heritage.)

[b][u]Reiatsu:[/u][/b] 200 (divide this total among the other 4 stats)





[b][u]Unarmed Combat Proficiency 2:[/u][/b] (Use this as a template to list each proficiency your character has by virtue of his race. Remember each proficiency starts with 1 point in it, and you gain 1 additional point to distribute among them all for each proficiency you possess, maximum 3)

[b][u]Ability 1:[/u][/b] (This is your starting ability. Every race will have one, and it's the defining trait of your character (besides his race) for the first leg of his journey, so choose well, and brace yourself for a moderators modifications. It's almost unheard of for an ability to pass directly the first time unless you've been playing with us for a while and studying our ability discussions.)

[b][u]Technique 1: [/u][/b] (This is your starting technique. The first technique for everybody is based on their ability. However further techniques can be purchased based on anything the character has access to.

(Spiritualists and Hollows start with two techniques, so replace this slot with your secondary technique. Or, if desired, leave it blank and that human/hollow will have a blank technique slot to design a tech for later.)

[b][u]Personality Traits:[/b][/u] (These are traits that define your character. Just a paragraph or two discussing their personality and what kind of person they have and how they live. It doesn't have to be much, just enough to show you've figured out more of who this character is and how they live than just figuring out a backstory and some mechanical facets.)

[b][u]History:[/u][/b] (This is your chance to show off your writing skills. Write a solid history about where your character has been so far in life/afterlife, and what has taken them to this point. Make it good, they say a strong history is the foundation for a great character. (Note that good doesn't necessarily mean obscenely long. Just write it well and let it happen. If the staff feel your history is insufficient, we may suggest that you expand it, but as some people prefer to hide their history and reveal it over time through roleplay, we won't be enforcing a thorough history.)

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