Cero: Cero are high powered Spirit-based waves that Menos have at their disposal. A Cero is typically fired from the mouth (but Menos can designate a specific alternate Cero location), and has costs and power according to the following chart. (Note that the power is modified by Cero proficiency.)

Stamina* Power Velocity**
10 -1 -2
30 = -1
60 +1 =
100 +2 +1
*A Menos can spend actions charging a Cero instead of paying the higher stamina cost, to a maximum of 3 charge actions and 1 firing action in a single turn (Such a Cero would cost 10 stamina with the power of a 100 stamina Cero)
**A cero fired point blank, without the use of charging actions treats it's Velocity ranking as 1 higher than listed.
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