Bleach Roleplay Rules

Listen up people, there some rules that need to be laid out, and followed for this bleach roleplaying environment. These rules come in two categories, Nippon Bleach Roleplay specific rules, and General site rules.

Nippon Bleach Roleplay Rules

  • Bleach Roleplay Rule 1- No Godmoding: simply put, roleplay within your stats and abilities. We have stat comparison charts for a reason. If a hit should deal a certain amount of damage, roleplay an appropriate amount of damage and respond accordingly. This includes reacting appropriately to abstracts like pain, fear, and surprise. This is a bleach roleplay we're at, but that kind of over-the-top action only really works when everyone accepts the system under it.

  • Bleach Roleplay Rule 2-No Puppeteering: the only PC(s) you have any control over whatsoever, are your own. You can affect other PC's in various ways, through combat, through abilities, through roleplayed interaction/manipulation, the possibilities are nearly endless. HOWEVER, the other player is fully responsible to roleplay their response. This includes trying to land attacks on your opponent. Furthermore, care should be taken to properly apply the personalities and character traits of established NPC's that you post with.

  • Bleach Roleplay Rule 3-No Metagaming: for those who don't know (or who may interpret the word differently than we do) this means keeping Out of Character knowledge out of the game. In other words, roleplay your character based solely on what he knows and experiences first-hand, or is informed second-hand In Character. What you as the player know and what your character know are two entirely different things.

  • Bleach Roleplay Rule 4-Be reasonable: I know this should be common sense, but for some roleplayers it isn't. When dealing with the environment, npc's, buildings, etc, be reasonable and realistic in how you approach things. Established NPC's react based on their bios, random NPC's react like random NPC's would depending on their race, job, etc.

  • Bleach Roleplay Rule 5-Mature Content: If you're doing something especially detestable in a post, particularly to a disabled/unconscious character/corpse/mundane npc (basically anything helpless that you can do whatever you want to rather than allow the target to respond accordingly), put it in a spoiler button with a note.


For those of you too lazy to find it yourself >.> The code is as follows

[spoiler=(insert the text you want on the button)] insert the text you wish to spoiler/hide [/spoiler]

Nippon Bleach General Rules

  • General Rule 1-Respect the Staff: we put a lot of work into this game, from creation, to moderation, to grading threads and the like. While we may be wrong from time to time (and welcome constructive criticism), we expect you to respect our authority and the investments we've made into Nippon Bleach RPG. When we make a final decision, based on logic and reasoned discourse, we expect you to accept that unless and until you can provide us with more information that may change our minds, and when you are ready to provide such further discussion, that you do so in a reasonable manner. The staff aren't gods, we follow the exact same rules you do, but we are responsible for this game, and deserve your respect as leaders (even if there are aspects of our personality/character as human beings that you don't like.)

  • General Rule 2-Respect other players:as difficult as it may be with some people, always do your best to respect your fellow players, even if you have no respect for their abilities or style or personality.

  • General Rule 3-Use good spelling and grammar: We're all relatively mature people here. Nobody wants to have to struggle to read stuff that looks like it belongs in another language. (Note there is some 'give' to this for representing dialects/accents, but do make sure to keep it out of the narrative and try to make it flow as well as possible.

  • General Rule 4-Be prompt: In a roleplaying game such as this, players take turns posting and need to wait for their partner(s) within a given thread. Try to give priority while online to threads you 'owe' replies to. Everybody has a 'real life' and other things they need to accomplish, but please, out of respect for your fellow players, don't be watching pornyoutube or playing flash games while you owe people posts. Try not to take on more threads than you can smoothly maintain. (If you're posting and it's more than one hour between when you find out a thread partner has posted and you start working on your reply, you likely have too many threads going.) If something is going to slow you down or keep you away for a few days, it's strongly recommended that you post a warning in the general discussion board.

  • General Rule 5-One character: At first, everybody is restricted to a single character. When a player feels (s)he has proven himself active enough, he can request an additional character. If the staff agrees, said player will then be given permission to play an additional character, preferably of a different race than the first. Note that these are very independent characters, neither is subordinate not allied to the other.

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