Character Growth

Unlike some games, where character growth is only given based on combat, here all threads reward the character with furthered growth. A thread is graded on the quality of the writing, the plot, character development, and several other factors, and then the character is rewarded an amount of Experience Points, or EXP based on the rating of the thread in question. A thread is submitted for grading once concluded, the grade delivered, and EXP granted based on the grade and number of posts. The grade for the thread (as detailed in the chart below) is multiplied by the number of posts to determine the total number of EXP gained.

EXP are spent to buy an increase in Reiatsu at a rate of five exp = 1 Reiatsu (if the board proves too slow this will be reconsidered.)

  • Grade 1/F: noob posting- Not very coherent and doesn't really carry any real meaning or impact.
  • Grade 2/D: Novice posting- Better than grade 1, but still fairly weak.
  • Grade 3/C: Average posting- could be better, could be worse.
  • Grade 4/B: Quality posting- Good work that one can be proud of, but there are clear signs it can be improved
  • Grade 5/A: Professional grade- This is very good writing, and not easily achieved.

Every once in a while, a player will bust out a post that just really stands out as something amazing, and strongly impacts those who read it and just carries a 'wow' factor. These are called bonus posts, and for each bonus post recognized during grading, that character gains a free 5 EXP.

Note: The staff reserves the right to not count 'pointless' posts, such as, for example, idle chit chat between people for the sake of hearing each other's voices.

Note 2: Additional EXP earning is available for helping to promote this game and website. Please PM Kyrt_Ryder for details.

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