Living World

The central stage of Nippon Bleach, the Living World is where most of the action and conflict occurs. It's the single dimension in which all four races converge, and the battlefield for the souls and destiny of man.

All across the globe, Shinigami are escorting Souls to the afterlife, and Hollows are hunting for their next meal. With the Quincy and Spiritualists at last on the rise, there is no place a battle can not occur.

Hollow attacks are escalating, with the number of incidents increasing every month. Occasionally reports come in of spontaneous and seemingly-causeless property damage, which can no doubt be the results of spiritual battle.

What role will you play, and how will you shape the future?

A note for threads in which travel occurs: Keep in mind that using the Speed Burst technique for travel depletes the stamina cost for one use for every ten miles covered. As a result, most threads outside Japan should only include those who have already made the journey for personal reasons (which, unless foreshadowed in some other thread, can generally only be those who post before anyone makes their second post.)
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