Power Stages

Alright, I've been talking to people, and many of them have had misconceptions over what power stage = what, so I'm going to lay this all out in a pretty table.

Characters begin at Stage 1 in one of the four basic races with 200 Reiatsu. Upon achieving 500 Reiatsu, they can quest for their second stage, and upon achieving 1,000 Reiatsu, they can quest for their third.

Every power stage is equal to every other one in the same stage slot, as demonstrated below.

Shinigami/Vizard progressions

 Stage 1  Stage 2  Stage 3 
 Shinigami:  Shikai  Bankai  Zenkai 
 Mask:  Shikai  Bankai  Vizard Mask 
 Resurreccion:  Shikai  Vizard Mask  Resurreccion 

Menos/Arrancar Progressions

 Stage 1  Stage 2  Stage 3 
 Menos:  Gruñido Adjuchas  Vasto Lorde 
 Resurreccion:  Gruñido Adjuchas  Resurreccion 
 Segunda:  Gruñido Resurreccion  Segunda Etapa 

Quincy/Ascended Quincy Progressions

 Stage 1  Stage 2  Stage 3
 Quincy:  Quickening  Sanrei  Letzt Stil 
 Shinigami Quincy:  Quickening  Shikai  Bankai 
 Menos Quincy (extra rare):  Quickening Gruñido Adjuchas 

Spiritualists/Ascended Spirtualist Progressions

 Stage 1  Stage 2  Stage 3 
 Spiritualist:  First Stage  Second Stage  Third Stage 
 Shinigami Spiritualist:  First Stage  Shikai  Bankai 
 Menos Spiritualist:  First Stage  Gruñido Adjuchas 

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