Alternate Evolution

The races you see aren't nearly so set in stone as they appear. As an individual grows, it is entirely possible to grow through some form of mixed evolution. Keep in mind that these options are NOT more powerful than the base races, and tend to be more of a hassle to use or acquire. In essence, these are simply here to expand the pool of character concepts, and provide for a more varied gaming experience.


Shinigami and Hollow that blur the line between the two races.

  • Vizard: A Shinigami which obtains an inner hollow and hollow powers at the cost of some of his potential as a Shinigami
  • Arrancar: A Hollow which rips off it's mask, obtaining Shinigami powers at the cost of some of it's potential as a Hollow.

Ascended Humans:

Humans who retain their powers after death, only to follow a new path

  • Ascended Quincy: An ascended Quincy will most likely follow the Shinigami path, though exceptions exist.
  • Ascended Spiritualist: An ascended Spiritualist has an equal chance of either path, depending on their personality and the nature of their powers.
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