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mugetsu kurokaze
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Mugetsu Kurokaze 

Description:A 5"9 pale skinned male with black smooth hair reaching his lower back. wears a blue trenchcoat with nothing underneath and black jeans. Hollow mask is shaped like a snarling human skull and has 2 blue crosses over each eye.  

Race: Menos 

Rank: Grunido 

Reiatsu: 200 

Strength: 40


Speed: 100

Spirit: 20



  • Cero: 4
  • Unarmed Combat Proficiency: 2
  • Hoho (Shunpo): 2
  • Hierro: 1
  • Regeneration: 1


Further Information

Aspect of Death: Burned to death in a housefire. Became a hollow of his own will.

Personality Traits: Mugetsu is a calm and collected young man often seen staring at the sky. He often tries to ignore others as he doesn't want to be betrayed by them (will be explained more in history) so at times he can seem cold and uncaring. While he was alive he didn't have any experiance at all with relationships and so is completely oblivious to other's feelings towards him. He has a strict "actions speak louder than words" mentality which often means that he says the wrong things or cannot express his emotions through words alone. 

History: Mugetsu started off his afterlife as a simple plus soul watching over his family after the fire which took his life. After roughly 2 months as a plus soul his family were all caught in crossfire between criminals and police forces and died. Having reunited with his family in soul form they waited until a shinigami would find them but t'was not to be. Eventually a hollow found and consumed his whole family one by one until only Mugetsu remained. Enraged and grief stricken Mugetsu tore out the rest of his soul chain to become a hollow himself and avenge his family.
Fast forwarding years of consuming plus souls and other hollows, Mugetsu regained his individuality and most of his memories barring those of his family he set off through hueco mundo with his only friend and companion Kushimaru Akiyama to gain power. On their travels Kushimaru became obsessed with gaining more power no matter what, Something which sickened Mugetsu, and eventually when Mugetsu gained power beyond his Kushimaru tried to consume Mugetsu. Mugetsu, angered and broken by this betrayal, had to consume Kushimaru to save himself and has never gotten over it.

Grunido (Initial Menos Evolution)

This is the first evolution that takes a Menos beyond it's status as a simple hollow. 

Combat Style: Having trained his body for high speed movement without using sonido mugetsu uses his speed to dodge enemies' attacks rather than using his hierro, often waiting for his opponents to tire and then finishing them.

Ability: Mugetsu's ability focuses on adapting his body structure to a more streamlined one for faster movement.

  • Technique 1: adaptación del avión: Mugetsu's entire body structure becomes smooth and his hollow mask becomes pointed at the top of the head. Using this technique his speed is increased by 20 but his defense is decreased by 15.

  • Technique 2: cero anillo radical: Using his mastery of cero Mugetsu creates a ring af individual ceros around his midrif which he fires at the same time. This technique costs 80 Stamina and has +2 velocity. cero anillo radical is treated as +2 in spirit vs resistance comparisons. 

  • Technique 3: 

  • Technique 4: 

  • Technique 5: 

  • Technique 6: 
Forum » Characters » Character Bios » mugetsu kurokaze (Menos character creation)
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