Character Bios
This forum is for character applications. Depending on feedback it may or may not be used to maintain active characters.
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Thread: mugetsu kurokaze
Posted by: talon
Use this board to submit completed threads for updates, and hash out new abilities and techniques post-character creation.
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Thread: Idō Kabe Stats and Abilities
Posted by: MrLKK

Soul Society
The general living area for souls other than Shinigami.
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Home of the Gotei 13 and Central 46, as well as the estates of the noble families.
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Thread: Meanwhile! In Division 11! [...
Posted by: MrLKK

Human World
A center for hollow activity, where Shinigami and Hollow frequently collide, over the souls of the departed.
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Earth (excluding Japan)
Just because Japan is a focal point doesn't mean the rest of the planet is free of trouble.
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Heuco Mundo
Las Noches
Capital 'city' if you can call it that, of Heuco Mundo.
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Hueco Mundo Territories
The Quartz Forest, desert, and other miscellanious regions within Heuco Mundo.
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