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Nirios is a base class menos, and has very little distinguishing features outside of normal hollow features. He has very little difference in physical form, except for one yellow lightning bolt going down the middle of his face. He stands on two feet like humans, and has relativly human features, just magnified and transformed into hollow form.

Nirios also has hair coming out of his head, white, long and flailing. This hair serves no combat purposes, but doesn't impede his vision either. He weigs roughly two times that of a human, and is sized in proportion. He has one other physical difference, being a tail that extends up above his head, like an upright scorpion, that looks human-esque in form.

Race: Menos

Rank: Grunido

Reiatsu: 200 (divide this total among the other 4 stats)

Strength: 60

Defense: 20

Speed: 40

Spirit: 80



These are your proficiencies, which further define your capability in combat. You have five points to spend raising them from rank 1 to rank 2 or 3 (So you could be rank 2 across the board, or have some strengths and weakness.)

  • Cero: 3
  • Unarmed Combat Proficiency: 1
  • Hoho (Shunpo): 1
  • Hierro: 3
  • Regeneration: 2


Further Information

Aspect of Death: "Sacrifice" (sacrificed himself for others, and now sacrifices others for himself)

Personality Traits: Nirios, having died for others, fights for himself. He will always disregard fellow comarade (if he has any) in the goal of his on survival. He will help others when he wants to, or when it best suits him, but most often, he just ignores them. He avoids getting close with other people so he won't feel guilty if/when they get in to combat and potentially get killed.

Nirios knows that the best way of achieving survival, however, is getting higher and higher on the evolution chart. As more and more hollows turn into arrancar and become adjucas (some even becoming Vasto Lordes), the race is on for him to get stronger, so he avoid being eaten by his fellow hollows.

Prelude: The man who lived for others

Nirios was born in Japan right after the second world war had ended. Japan was humiliated for joining the Nazi cause, and as Nirios grew up, Japan's nationality was clearly in the toilet. Nirios learned about the actions that Japan took against the United States and concluded that it was, in fact, Japan's fault for the attack and the eventual bombings on their country.

Nirios grew up with others roughly his age who agreed with him on not only Japan's war involvement, but many other things as well. They mostly just hung out at the mall instead of getting their homework done, and hit on each other often. A usual group of friends, with no problems. Nirios, at age 12, got the courage to ask one of the hotter girls in the group out, her name being Katrina, and she accepted. They started dating.

Over the years, Nirios came to love and respect the girl, and they were both in a long term relationship, with the usual teasing by nearby friends. They were everywhere together, they ate lunch together, and even rearranged their scedules to be together. Nirios used his casual charisma to persuade the teachers to allow them to sit next to each other when a seating arrangement came up, and they were with each other all the time, endlessly flowing jokes and topics into converstions that seemed to never end.

At age 16, they were together for four years. Both families were deeply connected now, having gotten past the 'oh, they're just dating for the fun of it' stage and into the 'oh this might be serious' stage. They both discussed the two behind their backs, and gave the usual embarassing stories of their not-too-distant pasts. All events that Kat's family had, Nirios's family went to, and vise versa. They overall supported the relationship and the two families got alone well enough.

At age 17, Nirios went to Kat's birthday party over at the shopping mall with some of her girlfriends. They went shopping for a bit, and her friends teased her as usual, but they neither of them minded. Everyone respected their relationship and thought they made a good couple. They went down to a shoe store, where they tried on 12 different pairs, just for the fun of it.

"Pardon me, ladies, but I have to step out to the men's room for a second," Nirios said.

"Miss you already," Kat said.

"Miss you more," Nirios replied, and ran off to the restroom.

Nirios opened the door of the restroom when suddenly, he heard the scream of the girls that he just left. He turned and ran quickly over to where he had just departed, to see a man with a pistol who looked crazy. He had just shot a bullet, and Nirios slowly turned his head in the direction he didn't want to, and looked down.

It was the worst nightmare in all eternity. For seconds, he was sure the universe was playing games with him. He was gone for two seconds, TWO, and this happened.

"Nir....ios..." Katrina said, her voice weak.

"Don't! Talk! Save your breath, we will get you to a hospital soon," he said, tears forming in his eyes.

" the heart....silly. Besides....I say," Katrina said, her voice slowly lowering. She gestured weakly with her right arm for him to move in closer.

"" she said to him, and then lost all conciousness.

Nirios screamed. He let out all of his agony and his pain, but it kept coming, stronger and stronger. Here lied the girl he had just spent years with, who he loved with all of his heart, who died because he couldn't stay by her for two seconds. He was filled with rage and sadness, and looked up at the shooter, and charged at him.

The shooter tried to fire, but was out of bullets. The other girls tried to stop him, but he ignored them. Today was not a day to listen to reason. Not when the universe betrayed him like this. Nirios hit him with a right hook, using all of his power. The man leaned heavily to the side. The mall cops were approaching, and Nirios knew he had only a few more seconds to take out his rage on the man who ruined his life, his existance.

So he took one more hit to him, as hard as he could. But in the middle of the punch, someone grabbed his arm. He turned to face the person who would dare stop him. It was a being dressed in white robes.

"What are you doing?" he said.

"What do you think I'm doing? This man killed my girlfriend, now let go before the mall cops get here!" Nirios replied, tone still full of rage.

"I'm afraid I can't do that. Your soul is strong, and I don't want you going down a life of misery and revenge," he said.

"What do you mean by my soul is strong? My soul is shattered, shot, and as dead as that girl over there that I loved for so many years," he said with anguish. "It was her birthday today! HOW IS THIS FAIR!"

The quincy dropped his grip for a slight second in reaction to the statement of love, and Nirios freed his hand to punch the man. This time, a mall cop stood in front of him. He buckled over in pain, but stayed where he was.

Nirios was through with the universe. It made a fool of him for the last time. He was all alone, and didn't need to be around all of this. He ran away from the scene, with people calling after him. He ignored them, and shoved his way through all the invisible people who never would matter in his life. Nirios had this mall memorized. He stopped running and started walking as he turned the corner and walked into a shop.

"Hello," he said.

"Hey there, pal. What can I do for you today?" the shopowner said.

"I would like to try that," he said.

"Sure thing, kid," he said. "I had a thing for these when I was your age, too. Don't really mind you testing it out."

He passed him the item, and Nirios took a look at it, cursing the universe that left him alone. He put the safety lock off, and pressed the trigger to be sure it worked. Sure, enough, it shot a bullet. He heard the nearby voice of mall cops coming up ahead. Quickly, he put the gun to the side of his head, and shot. He would now be back with his girlfriend, in heaven, he thought. And so ended the life of Nirios, the devoted boyfriend.

Becoming a Hollow

The universe had done it again. He was still stuck in the world, still bound to the endless chain of fate that he tried so despratly to escape from in the final moments of his life. He was a ghost, a ghost alone in the world that a cursed god ruled. He was, beyond all of that, alone. He cried. All he wanted to do at that final moment was to see his girlfriend again, live, love and laugh again. He cried for three days.

Soon after, the man with a white robe came up to him. He recognized this as the man who stopped his punch in life.

"Why are you here?" he said, with a sorrowful tone.

"Your chain of fate is dissolving. It is my job to destroy you as soon as you become a hollow. But until then, let us talk."

"A hollow, whats that?" he said.

"A being of pure lonelyness and misery. It is my job to put such beings out of their misery, forever," he said.

"You could send me to heaven?" he said.

"No, the only ones with the power to do that would be the shinigami. I just stop your existance entirely, with this." He turns his wrist and a bracelet suddenly turns into a bow, glowing bright blue.

"You're going to kill me with a non-existant bow without any arrows?" he said.

"I can make arrows using my spirit energy," he said.

"Intresting. There is just one problem with all of this," Nirios said.

"What is that?" the quincy said.

"I will do anything to see my girlfriend again," he said, and turned to run.

The quincy followed quickly after him, and then the quincy caught up to him. "It is useless to run," he said.

"Nonetheless," he said, wind passing by him, diluting his voice. "I must try. For her sake."

Nirios felt the chains of fate for the first time in all of his misery. They were disolving fast, and he knew soon he would turn into one of these "hollow" things. And the quincy would entirely remove his existance. He would have to stop it, somehow.

Suddenly, a beckening sound came. It was a yell much like the one he gave after Katrina died. A yell full of sorrow, of mourning. The quincy heard the sound, and said, "One newly born...or a old one...well, I'll get you later," he said, and left.

At that moment, The chains finished devouring themselves, and Nirios was finally the chains of fate, which bonded him to a world that abandoned him, not so long ago.


Nirios became a hollow, and a portal opened up beside him. He went through it, knowing that staying would result in his death.

He was in a completly new universe, he already knew it. One that would not betray him, fool him, or decieve him. It was a barren world, made of sand, hiding hardly anything, except for renegades. He looked up, in front of him, in his foreign body.

"Hello, wanderer, I am a adjucas," he voice said. "Do you want to become stronger?"

Nirios thought long and hard. His girlfriend was dead, and a man who was clearly a lot stronger and more experienced was seeking to end his existance.

"Yes, I want to become stronger," he replied.

"I took a look at you while you were still alive. I know what it is like. Some of us have been through the exact same situation," he said. "Before you comment, let me tell you, I was with my wife for thirty years before she was slain by a shinigami in an accident. Please do not preach to me about how it feels. I know," he said. And in his eyes, it was clear to Nirios that he did know the pain of losing one so close. "When you give your life to love and then the universe betrays you all in one moment, that is what is truly painful."

"Now, to become stronger, all you need to do is this," he said. "Devour these poor, pitiful souls that live on this realm. They will become a part of you, another voice after another all joining together with your sorrow and mourning. You will become one soul, ruled by your own thoughts, Nirios. A menos grande."

Nirios needed no more speeches. He left the man and went to go hunting. For years, he hunted other hollows, until one day he had slain 202 hollows, and he felt himself evolving. He had finally become a Menos, a being of power that would be able to protect himself until he one day met Katrina again.


Shortly after evolving, the adjucas he met many years ago showed up again, along with other gillians.

"You have shown true potential in this world. I have informed everyone of your situation, and the decision is unanimous," he said.

"What decision?" Nirios asked.

"You are going to level to adjucas, with a little bit of help from these souls for a head start," he said.

"I'm still not getting at it," Nirios said.

"It means, eat us, Nirios," one of the gillian said.

"What? You really want me to do that?" he said. "What about your lives?"

"We have reached the end of our evolution. We all know fully well that we will become hollows if we don't keep supporting ourselves, and we know your situation is akin to ours. So we want to help you in your evolutionary process," another said.

"I couldn't do that. Not knowing that you are akin to me," he said.

"Stop disrespecting our sacrifice Nirios," a girl said. "Now hurry up and eat us, before all of our sacrifice means nothing."

Nirios took a second, and then decided. He ate them all [Except the Adjucas], and gained a large portion of power in the process.

"If you ate me, you would be an adjucas, you know," he said. "I will leave this to you. I don't want you to feel indebted to me for what I've done for you."

"I will spare you not because I feel indebted, but because without you, I would be truely alone in this universe," he said.

"I understand. Very well, then. Until next time, Nirios," he said, and left.

Nirios spent another 20 years honing in his powers, particularly the ability to regenerate, the ability to fire a "cero" blast, and his armor. The cero connected to him on a standpoint that he would have been able to completly eliminate the man who killed his girlfriend with it, the would guard him from the bullet, and take the bullet for her, and the regeneration would have allowed him to be with her forever. He thought of her constantly as he trained, becoming stronger and stronger....

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Grunido (Initial Menos Evolution)

This is the first evolution that takes a Menos beyond it's status as a simple hollow.

Combat Style: Nirios always makes the first move if he is able, wanting to be the agressor in every fight. He will go after quincies before anything else, because if he dies, he doesn't want to stop existing entirely, but to be able to see his girlfriend again, and also due to old grudges. He fights agressivly, relying heavily on his regeneration, stamina, and strength to keep him alive while he attacks his enemies will full force. He has lived for so long in hueco mundo, that he relies heavily on his self and own survival, and will only fight in teams if it means he is to gain from it. He will not hesitate to sacrifice a comrade to kill an enemy.

Ability: Nirios's ability is based around regeneration, and his offensvie abilities tie into his cero, giving them subtle yet decent properties.

  • [b]Technique 1: Superior Regeneration: Nirios increases his regeneration statistic by 10 and decreases his defense statistic by 10 for 5 posts. This ability costs 10 Reiatsu. If Nirios is injured, he can instead increase his regeneration statistic by 20 instead for 50 reatsu. The defense debuff still remains for this time.

  • [b]Technique 2: Konku Cero: Nirios fires a condensed cero beam. Nirios's spirit is treated as +2 in spirit vs resistance comparisons. This cero costs 100 stamina and has +3 velocity, but is only a small beam instead of a large cone. Runs with the same charging principle as a regular cero, but if uncharged, costs 150 reastu as well as the stamina cost.

  • [b]Technique 3:

  • [b]Technique 4:

  • [b]Technique 5:

  • [b]Technique 6:

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