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Isabeau Meraux
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Name: Isabeau Meraux

Description: Petite slim build, appearing more lithe than overly toned. She has the start of an hour glass shape to her figure, with nice curves setting in because she does have some meat on her bones. She has wide hips, with smooth white skin.

Her eyes are crimson coloured, due to her traits of being an albino. They have a wide child like look to them. Although, when looked at right there is the look of a predator behind them, that flash of anger etc. Her crimson eyes seemed to have a strange colour, a pattern forming in the eye. Around the pupil is a bright crimson ring, that appears the same shade as rubies. While going towards the whites of they eyes the colouring gets darker turning into a more murky looking red, like well aged wine. Her eye brows are snow white just like her hair, and her eye lashes have a full look to them, giving her crimson eyes a perfect frame. So to those that see her eyes, they look alluring almost like a beast of the night referred to in old stories.

Her mouth is light coloured, rivaling the shade of fresh sakura blossoms. They're full, and generally have a friendly look to her to draw people in to her. When ever a smile lights up her face, it shows that she was dimples. Her teeth are perfectly straight, almost looking like she had braces before, and pure white. She likes to clean her teeth a lot so the colour is not damaged in the least. In fact, she tries to avoid things she knows will stain her teeth. Her canines are elongated slightly, appearing almost like fangs of a wolf. They're sharp, able to pierce through skin with mere ease.

She stands at 5"2 and weighs 115 pounds, and a bust of D.

Her hair is pure white, falling down to her waist. Her thick mane of white hair has a natural wave to it, which would go past her waist if her hair was straightened. But, leaving it with the curl makes her hair rest right at her waist. Her bangs fall across her her forehead, often covering her eyes from view. Its not uncommon to see her hair well groomed, seeing as how it has a natural glossy sheen to it. When her hair is wet it goes pin straight, but she dislikes getting wet much like a cat. But if something gets in her hair she'll wash it out right at that moment, almost in an OC'D manner. She likes to wear various bows and the likes in her hair.

Its not uncommon for her to wear make-up and dress in a manner to draw people into her.

She has light scars that are on her body from when her mother tried to cook her alive. Most of them are light from the healing she went through, but some of them remain, an angry reminder. She generally keeps them hidden from view, her hands are scarred. She hides them in gloves, not knowing if they'll ever heal fully. Which she finds handy for hiding finger prints when killing someone. Also on her back is another angry scar line which she likes to cover. She's never showed her scars to another person and doubts that she ever will.

Race: Human

Rank: Rank one.

Reiatsu: 200

Strength: 30

Defense: 70

Speed: 50

Spirit: 50

Unarmed Combat Proficiency 2: 2

HouHou: 2

Ability 1: Retribution is the ability to rip apart DNA sequences (as well as the reishi that makes up a spiritual being. For the sake of simplicity, it shall be henceforth referred to as DNA) through oral blood consumption. After ripping apart these sequences, one can "manually" insert them into their own DNA patterns for a temporary change in their genetic structure.

Technique 1: In the beginning stages, one would only be able to manipulate Physical aspects of their victim into their genetic coding. This can change not only things such as appearance, but also fix organs and such that are permanently damaged, simply by reducing the old one to pure atoms and rebuilding it, ejecting the damaged tissue through the pores of the skin in a form that resembles a black mist.

(The harder things, such as Recreating organs and the like, take A.) A lot of power with it, and B.) A lot of blood.)

Technique 2: The middle stages involve stripping the DNA of their powers. delving further into the Patterns, the user can sort out the coding that gives each individual their unique abilities. This has it's limits, though. The level of control they have over the Power or ability is the exact same as that of the one they took it from. Take Pyromancy for example. If one has complete control of fire, and a Retribution user takes that ability, they also have complete control. If they can barely create sparks, and are in the beginning stages, then they are at that level as well. This technique slot is then replaced with the technique he has stolen.

(The more powerful someone opposing a user of Retribution is, the harder [and consequently, the more blood is needed] it is to gain the abilities. A handful of blood -as in his hand is covered in their blood- will be sufficient for beginning stages. A liter and a half is sufficient for second stage.

Personality Traits: Isabeau is a bold person who's not afraid to say what comes to mind. And for that fact she seems to cause a little hell everywhere she goes. But she it known for being brutally honest beyond her smart ass replies and comments. Although she does come off mocking a lot, specially towards people that make themselves easy targets. The harder the topic the more of a challenge. It shows that she does not respect most people, and its hard to gain the brats respect. Specially since she tires to keep people from becoming close to her. She rather have almost everyone hate her, then have to be loyal to someone.

She finds it disgusting that people will grovel for someone stronger than them, and does not listen to anyone. But when her loyalty is gained she will remain loyal to you till the moment her last breath leaves her body. Isabeau does not look deep into people because usually what is seen is never good, so she avoids this. She enjoys tormenting people, she'll pretend to be helping and then do something hurtful. Although she seems full or arrogance and pride the trouble maker will avoid people who she knows she'll have problems against. But if the person is getting on her nerves she will stand up to them, she's never been noted as fearful. The girl has never backed from something in fear, she doesn't even fear death. Which tends to make her reckless at times.

She also has a part of her where it seems like she portraying sins to get people dragged into coming closer to her, generally seducing them, before slaughtering the person. She doesn't feel guilt over it, in fact she thinks if the person is stupid enough to be caught by her then it is their own fault. Although she does like to toy with some food. She has respect for some people, her brain wired for a pack. Yet, she doesn't have one right now so she generally finds herself unhappy because she wants something or someone to support.

Every Mother Loves Their Child.
She was born with an illness, one the doctors said could not be cursed. At the age of three years old Isabeau was considered feebly, unable to live a proper life like all the other children her age. Concern was one of the main theme running through her parents house. They didn't want her to feel unloved or different, yet, she did. Mostly because she was treated like a doll, who could not taste life like she was supposed to. Their pale haired, child that they loved more than anything in the world. They would devote hours to playing with her in her room, where she had rows of dolls. It was strange to be a child that grew up so sheltered, yet, she felt so alone from people. There'd be days where the pain she went through was so horrible that it felt like someone was gliding a hot poker down her throat into her insides, allowing them to burn, and wither away because the person was malicious. But she'd take this suffering in silence, curling up to remain by herself for hours. She didn't need another person for those days. Her parents would have doctors come in constantly and they would tell her parents she was an Albino. A child sensitive to the light of day, and that she was too frail to be living the way she was, that she should stay in bed and be safe from the harms of world, and the light of day. The doctors also picked up traces of tuberculosis in the child, which made the parents even more panicked. What in hell's name could they do if their only child was so bad off? Her parents grew scared, and Isabeau would hear them yell at one another during the night while she would try to sleep.

She'd listen to her mother scream that her father gave her mutated sperm, and created a little demon, who was useless, and would never be a proper lady in their society. Isabeau laid there, sniffling silently. She had decided that night, she would run away. The life she was living was not a content one. No one cared over the fact that she was all alone, being treated like a worthless pet. She would constantly hear her mom mutter things about killing Isabeau off in her sleep. But, when Isabeau tried to tell her father that he'd tell her to stop making stories but. After all, every mother was supposed to love their daughter. So Isa would go the next few months in silence by herself unsure of what to do. She was at the young age of six years old, when her father decided a tutor would be a good thing since she could not go to school. She thought it was stupid that they wouldn't let her out of the house, it was like they were suffocating her. The feeling of being a trapped animal loomed over her all the time, whispers of her being a freak generally was passed through the various people in their house hold. The family was old money, that had a huge manor out in the country. All around them you could see fields of green, some of those fields had animals in it, which she would watch with an idle amusement. One thing she was good at was watching people able to see what they were feeling from the slightest of reactions they're portrayed or how the subjects eyes would move. Soon enough she knew every time her parents lied to her, and tried to make everything seem sugar coated about her life, but, reality wouldn't let the harsh facts be hidden.

She was sick, tuberculosis was a nasty little thing, and her mother's hatred threw her into a depression. She was scared of when she was left in the home with her mother, but, she'd stalk her mother about the large manor with out the woman realizing. So there'd be days where she would spend them stalking her mother like she was a sheep, and Isabeau, herself was the wolf. She had read stories about wolves, and had respect for the animal even though a lot of farmers in the country side hated the animals and called them evil. She didn't think that wolves were supposed to be hated, and hunted as they were but she wouldn't say much on it. One night she was following her mother around the manner, and then stopped outside a window, to stare into the night. There in the fields stood a great white wolf, it's eyes looking like glowing embers. It was rather menacing, not something she wanted to peer at, yet she found herself attached only for a moment before a gun shot broke the night. A hunting party after the wolf, letting out a gasp she screamed for the wolf to run, doing so, Isabeau's mother found out her daughter wasn't in her room. The scream had thrown the small girl into a rather dangerous coughing fit which shook her body like a leaf stuck in a chilling autumn storm. Her hands were soon covered in blood as she sat there coughing, and rather hard too. She was scared, and her mother was angry. After that event, she wound up locked in her room, now, no better than a caged animal unable to find safety anywhere. Her only comfort was when he father came to play dolls with her at times.

Her mother honestly hated her, not seeing her daughter but a flighty being. An existence that shouldn't have been there. She'd go into fits of rage, throwing items around, scaring the small girl who at this point was only nine years of age. The mother didn't care the fear she instilled in the child, in fact, she hoped the kid would understand how much she loathed it and wished she had never had it. It was truly harsh when a mother thought that was a way to raise a child. Isabeau would watch in silence, understanding that her father was the parent that was keeping her alive in the house hold. She loved her father, and he loved her. The small child was his joy, something he'd keep safe from the woman he had married. She was becoming more insane with each passing day, so the man grew afraid for his daughter's safety. What would happen if he wasn't there? He had to be there to make sure she wouldn't be killed, but he also had to work. So one day when he was called away for a work business, Isabeau was left alone in the house with her mother. The small girl was suspicious of this at first, but her mother seemed happy to be alone with her baby girl. She made Isabeau some fresh soup, with brand new crushed sleeping pills in it! Isabeau ate the soup slowly enjoying the taste not able to pick up the drugs taste. They seemed tasteless in her soup, so she stared down at it for a moment, before falling asleep. Her mother was content, placing the soup onto the counter, and then carrying the small form of the girl from the bedroom, to the kitchen. She made sure none of the staff in the house saw what she was doing, since she needed to do this fast. She needed to get rid of the small demon in her arms, the thing taking away her happiness and freedom.

Needless to say, her way of fixing things, or making them better wasn't the best. She had the stove door open, its mouth looking hungry awaiting the tasty morsel the woman was about to put inside of it. The small girl yawned and shifted in her sleep but she did not move at all. She was placed inside the stove, and then there was a light click as the stove door shut, trapping the petite girl within its cavernous depths. The flames lit within the depths of the iron wombed beast, and the mother stared down at the glass window on it for a moment, and let out a happy laugh. Finally all her troubles would be gone, burned away with the fires of the gods. That was before she heard a light thump on the stove's door, and the small girl rubbing her eyes, needing to go bathroom. That was before her red eyes opened, and a scream shattered the silence. The heat was horrible, it was burning her, and she couldn't get out. Hitting on the glass she screamed loudly but the glass hurt too. Her mother just stood there, staring for a moment before bending down and smiling. "Its alright baby. All mothers love their daughters." Terror rattled through her, she was going to die, she was done. Her father was no where around, she was dead, gone, no... Tears streamed down her face, as she went into a weak coughing fit, being burned while she coughed up blood. That was when the kitchen door swung open, showing her father who looked terrified, seeing his wife hum happily he pushed her away from the stove, to see his little baby trapped in it, being burned alive, slowly killed. He yanked the door open pulling her out gently while Isabeau sobbed in pain from the burns on her body. Her mother watched horrified, the demon wasn't dead, now she would never be happy. Never...

Her mother was sent to the insane asylum for what she had done to her child, the burns were serious, and things that made the small girl miserable. Her life had been so isolated and alone, then out of no where her mother tried to kill her in such a cruel way. She got a sick letter from her mother the next year saying, 'Hey baby, wonder how roasted flesh tastes. All mothers love their daughters, xoxo Mom.' She had nightmares for many nights convinced her mother was going to break out and kill her. That she was the object of her sadness the thing making her so unhappy. Isabeau had nightmares, she couldn't stay in that house for much longer, or she was going to die, she knew it.

Welcome Ladies and Gents! To the Best Show of Your Life!

Scars had formed on her beautiful snow white skin, they were angry looking, but Isabeau generally kept them hidden. She had remained a few more years with her father until the age of thirteen. She had heard there was a circus coming to town, one that could preform miracles and had other various neat tricks. It was something she wanted to see, even if it was just for one night she wanted to be able to see the animals. So, the small girl wrote a note for her father to find. In it was one sentence written on the paper, Papa I do not know when I will return, but I do hope it is soon. Then left it in her father's study, setting out that night to see the show of her life. Even if that show was a short one, she felt content about going out. She wore a life blue dress, a scarf around her neck, a hat on her head, and gloves over her hands. She was dressed to cover her body because of the scars that were there, she was embarrassed and didn't want other people seeing what kind of deformed freak she was. Although her face remained unscathed, beautiful as ever with out a single bad mark on it. Her red eyes frightened those about her, often making them cringe away like she was some unnatural freak. Setting out that night, she walked along the country lane, talking to herself excited for the events to happen that night. She had never seen a circus but had read about them in books before. Maybe she would see a wolf there! She had seen one when she was a child, but she hated thinking of her childhood with her mother, after all, her mother hated her and kept sending her those cruel disgusting letters.

Hours passed, day turning into night. The small girl was excited as she sat with a crowd in the circus tent, she was silent though, never making a peep beyond the occasional cough, she watched everyone around her for a moment happy. This had to be the best night of her life, watching a show that she thought she'd have never seen. To think such a thing was touring the French Country side from a brief time. The show went by for a few hours before it got to the point with a young man walking out, he had to be about the same age as her with golden hair, and bright purple eyes. Staring in silence Isabeau looked curious, before listening to what he had to say. Something about curing a sick person and restoring them back to perfect health. As if that were possible. A tickle was forming at the back of her mouth, and soon enough Isabeau was in another coughing fit, her frail form shaking as she coughed. Her black gloves had blood on them, people around her looked shocked and horrified, but she merely wiped her mouth, before looking interested once more. That was before the youth's eyes flicked up to her's to stare at her, a cup of blood was in his hand. She shifted slightly from his gaze not wanting to be in anyone's attention, she certainly wasn't worth being stared at and she was wishing he'd stop. She wanted him to stop, glancing cautiously towards the youth she thought he stopped paying attention to her before he smiled in a lopsided manner in her direction, and then she knew... Dammit. Her eyes narrowed and she glanced in each direction for escape routes, the people around her chuckled thinking this was part of the show, but the girl knew different, her heart was hammering in her chest.

Singling her out as the one he wanted to heal, Isabeau sat up, standing on her feet staring at Urufu with a frown, her crimson eyes wide open. She needed to get away, run away, the youth was watching her every movement with a keen look that reminded her of the wolf she had seen before. Cautiously, she moved through the rows, people honestly thought she was going to go down and be a good sport for the show. Taking in a deep breath, she knew the scent of blood was thick on her from the coughing fit she had only moments before. Taking each step slowly she was making sure to take in the view of the exits, before reaching the bottom platform. She stared at Urufu, like a deer with a wolf on its heels, and then darted from the tent into the night. People were surprised, thinking she would of went down and at least played with his trick. That's what it had to be, after all, you couldn't heal the sick, specially with how bad she was. So, her perfect night seemed to be taking a turn for the worst. She could hear commotion inside, as someone ran after her. Taking a glance over her shoulder to see who was following her, she realized it was the youth from inside Urufu. Fear showed and then she made sure to pick up her pace, wandering out into the country side, but for some reason she felt like she was being stalked. The sensation was not one she enjoyed, in fact, she hated the feeling with pure contempt. Fumbling in the dark, the sick weakly girl cursed herself that she wasn't more useful. She felt utterly useless in fact, she was scared of the youth following her even if they were of the same age. Something about him had scared her off.

She hadn't made it far before she herd a crunch behind her, and whirled around just in time to see a golden flash before her, and the other youth knocked her to the ground. Hitting hard the small girl let out a gasp of pain, but couldn't struggle as he sat on top of her frowning. She stared up with wide eyes frightened, before kicking out, getting him off of her, long enough for her to turn, and attempt to crawl away. Not one of her better moments, seeing as how hands clasped her ankles and dragged her back. Glancing over to Urufu, the small girl whimpered. What had she done to make him so angry with her? Her held her down, and then cleared his throat, holding out the cup in his hand. "Drink." Was all he spoke, but Isabeau shook her head, frightened. She refused to drink it, glancing toward the cup in his hand in a cautious manner. She wanted to be free, to go home and curl up in her bed away from this night terror. But the fingers gripping her only grew tighter, now demanding she drink the blood, but Isabeau shook her head, keeping her mouth closed so that it wouldn't be forced in her mouth. She didn't want to be caught in this, and the terror gripping her was one she had felt before. The one when she was locked in the stove, with her mother telling her she loved her daughter. So, Isabeau spoke her mind freely telling the youth on top of her to go to hell and stay there. Which brought an unnatural growl from the depths of the boy's chest like that of a wolf.

"Drink it, or, I'll put it in you by force."

"Fuck you."


The youth looked frustrated, pouring the thick, crimson liquid on to his hand. Isabeau, was scared trying to roll over so she'd be on her stomach instead of staring straight up at him. She gazed at his hand for a moment before an angry pain slashed through her stomach. It was horrible, making her whimper like a wounded animal, she glanced down, to see his hand buried in her stomach, letting the blood drip in. Her crimson eyes widened, but she couldn't move. It felt like she was frozen in time unable to do anything beyond stare stupidly at the gaping wound in her stomach from Urufu's hand digging into her stomach. The small girl was scared, but, he didn't leave her side. He sat there beside her, watching to make sure she would heal from the wound placed on her body. Which she did slowly, she felt out of place for a moment with normal breathing, not a single trace of pain left on her body. She stared at Urufu in a confused manner before closing her eyes, she was really tired...Shifting slightly, her thin limbs seemed to feel heavy, and she peered at Urufu only for a moment, before sitting up slightly to peer at him through the dark, her eyes oddly growing used to the dark about them. Her breathing was gentle, her gaze dropping down to her dress that was now ruined from Urufu. But cautiously, she leaned forward, to let an arm wrap around the youth that had just healed her pain away. She felt a connection to him, like a part of her had been tainted as his, and she would never be able to forget that. She held tight only for a moment, before drawing back quickly, she needed to go home before her papa got scared that she was gone. She didn't want him being alone after having to deal with her mother so so many years, that guilt always run through her. Staring for a moment at Urufu, she looked at him shyly before noticing the man looming behind the fair haired child.

"Urufu, it's time to go." The voice was calm, yet demanding. Isabeau watched Urufu for a moment, before the pair turned walking off into the night.

So A Murderer Was Born.

Isabeau, had never made it home, in fact, she wound up wandering, lost. She hadn't known where she got lost but it was strange. After awhile she had reached a small house, and the old widow that lived there soon took the child in, giving her new clothes, seeing as how her's were ruined. Entering the home, she accepted the old woman's care. It only lasted for a few days, but it was long enough for her to bath, and change into a pair of slacks and a red blouse. The scars that had been horrible on her pale skin were now light which surprised her. They weren't horrible looking but but scars, not twisted flesh or anything. The old woman fed her, although, Isabeau seemed to throw everything she ate up. Growing sad, the small girl decided to just sit in solitude in the old woman's house, until one day the old lady was making steak, and the knife sliced while she was cutting her food. The scent of blood filled the air in the house, making the small girl growl slightly. Her stomach had made that rumble, and she looked about, almost repulsed that it was blood that her stomach was calling out for. She approached the old lady asking if she was alright, but the sight of blood made her brain seem to jump out the window. The next moment there was screaming, a sick crack, and then no noise at all. Isabeau's slender form was hovering over the old woman who had took her in, blood trailing from her mouth at where she had bit down on the woman's wrist. She left repulsed with herself. What kind of freak was she? She had enjoyed the metallic taste and the illness that seemed to be stirring inside of her, was cool down once more. Staring at the body a morbid resolve came about her. She couldn't leave the body there... So, she dragged it towards a fast running water. Since she had only snapped the woman's neck, it would look like she had accidentally fell into the cold depths. She stared down apologetically at the woman, before running off once more.

Returning to the house, she took the meager things she'd need. Even then it was barely anything. She had taken any money she could find so that she'd be able to make her way over the country side with out having to worry about that, and a spare change of clothing. She had only packed light because she had to set out, but she felt like she owed the old woman some respect, so she called the authorities alerting them the old woman had fallen in the river. She had pretended to be the old woman's daughter when she called, sounding stricken. Isabeau felt sick with the fact she was stealing and now lying, but, she owed the woman some respect to be found. She felt low, but there wasn't much more she could offer to do. So slipping on a pair of gloves she found over her burned hands, the small girl set out into the day once more. She walked silently, and for hours before reaching another town. This one didn't look too bad, it was more of a farming community than anything. Little did they know that there was now a wolf in their sheep pen. This was her first time ever seeing a town before, and she looked alert. There was all sorts of sights and smells to behold it was strange. But the inner animal in her was already content with all the food sources it saw. She shook her head violently, trying to get rid of the image of ripped out throats. Blood would be so warm, so filling... Disgust raged through her, and she stopped staring at people to head into a hotel for the night. She needed to get some rest, and ponder what she would do. Booking into the hotel, she fell asleep curled up on the large bed.

A few days had passed, the towns people were scared. Something had been killing people in their small community slowly, each person looking like they were attacked by a wolf. It was strange to say the least, they actually thought a wolf was roaming among them. But soon enough they began to suspect anyone that came into the town, but they never looked to her, seeing as how she was just a child, what could she honestly do? But, it was Isabeau's work. She would lure people to her in various manners, and then kill them, feeding an ungodly appetite that never seemed content. So, she went on her way slowly drawing people in, taking their money and killing them. No one figured out it was her, and she left again. She had a quest you could say, after finding out what kind of freak she was she wanted to hunt down that boy and give him a piece of her mind. She much rather be dead than live the life she was living, she wished he hadn't changed her like this, or, warned her at least. But no, he had vanished into the night, leaving her alone. The small girl was angry. She never wanted to kill someone so bad, she was usually meek, not the type to rise to violence but lately things seemed to annoy her more than she thought they would. She hated so many things now, and people annoyed her. They were so judgemental always looking at her like she was a freak. There was nothing wrong with being an albino but people mocked it, treating her like she was a diseased freak. When ever she saw kids her age they'd think it was cool and she was trying to follow a trend, being classy, yet so strange looking. Those comments always annoyed her the most, but she'd hold her tongue.

Months rolled by, soon turning into years. She was stalking Urufu, not something she'd openly admit, but he made if damn easy to follow him. Or maybe it was just easy for her because her blood sang for his after what he did to her. She could tell where he was almost all the time. It was strange, she hated Urufu so much, but she craved acceptance from someone, and the only person willing to accept a freak like herself would be one like Urufu the golden haired boy. She would kill people without thinking second about it, suddenly they were useless to her, no more than food. She would have been frightened with herself, but now, it was just an accepted fact that she was a murdering beast who thrived off of other's life, stealing their's and ending it. She wouldn't live with regret or guilt, because she knew that in the end that would be the factor that would catch up to her if she wasn't careful. There was only one death she regretted in all of them. The one of the old woman who had taken her in with out judging her, and showing a motherly care that she had never felt before in her life. All the others, were nameless victims that she had no concern for. But the old woman, she had nightmares sometimes of the woman screaming for her, begging, pleading, sobbing that Isabeau let her live, that she had done nothing wrong. Every time in that dream she killed the woman in a cold ruthless manner. She didn't know what to do anymore, sometimes those nightmares would make her huddle and hide for days on end not wanting to see another person, and other days, they made her violent. So angry! Why couldn't she have controlled herself!?

The only thing that kept Isabeau going forward was Urufu, she wanted him dead, or his life ruined like her's was. She knew she was acting like a brat, but it wasn't fair. She didn't want to be alone anymore, nor did she want to be the cruel monster. So, she'd kill people, slowly framing Urufu for it. She watched from safe distances as villages would try to kill him, she merely smiled to herself, before walking off. That was before her next kill, when her well crafted plan came apart. Someone had seen her kill another person, and now she was being hunted like a wild animal. She ran for it, heading for the country side, even though they were in hot pursuit. They wanted to play then she would play, which she did. Slowly she'd pick them off one by one, after all those chasing her were just farmers. She'd let fear instill in them, and use other various ploys to trick them into getting close to her. People heated about the child that was roaming around killing, and feeding off their blood, she was called a demon, freak, vampire, various things. But demon hurt her the most seeing as how it reminded her of her mother whom had tried to cook her alive. When ever she heard that one she'd go into a fit of rage, destroying anything near her. She didn't want to hear it! It wasn't like she asked for this god damn life. Stupid Urufu... She hated him, but at the same time a part of her respected him like a wolf would its alpha. She didn't know anymore if she wanted him dead, she just didn't want to be alone anymore. She was tired of always being alone.

Little did she know she was now being hunted by professionals. So for the past year, she has been on the run from people, just barely escaping bad positions. Each time she escaped though it wasn't with out being hurt. It really was a pain that she had to deal with such things when understanding her power she was no more than a baby. She understood she fed on people to stay alive, and she could do basic combat, so that had to count for something, right?

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Alright, I know your still working on your bio (not as though I need to worry about the ability since I already went through that with your Sire) but here are your substats and their comparison charts.

Stamina: 70

Reflexes and Resistance: 60

+3 = 121 and above
+2 = 85-120
+1 = 67-84
+0 = 55-66
-1 = 43-54
-2 = 31-42
-3 = 30 and below

Durability and Spirit Velocity: 50

+3 = 101 and above
+2 = 71-100
+1 = 56-70
+0 = 46-55
-1 = 36-45
-2 = 26-35
-3 = 25 and below

Assault: 40
+3 = 81 and above
+2 = 57-80
+1 = 45-56
+0 = 37-44
-1 = 29-36
-2 = 21-28
-3 = 20 and below

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