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Sergeant Major James Green
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Sergeant Major James Xander Green

Description: Standing at 6 feet even and just over 200 lbs, James is the epitome of a career military man. Formerly an Army Airborne member, he keeps pretty much his entire appearance pristine at any cost. This is partially because after seven years in the military, the exemplary standards expected have been drilled into him. There's only one thing that is out of place from his otherwise military appearance, and that is his hair, kept slightly longer than what is allowed, even for an officer. The one oddity about his attire is the silver shell pendant he wears, a gift from his mother before he moved from the United States, where he was born, to Japan, his current residence. The rest of his attire still mirrors military precision, from his pressed shirts to the perfect shine on his boots.

Race: Quincy

Rank: Quickened

Reiatsu: 200 (divide this total among the other 4 stats)

Strength: 50

Defense: 60

Speed: 60

Spirit: 30


These are your proficiencies, which further define your capability in combat. You have five points to spend raising them from rank 1 to rank 2 or 3 (So you could be rank 2 across the board, or have some strengths and weakness.)

  • Weapon Combat: 2
  • Projectile Speed: 3
  • Ginto: 1
  • Unarmed Combat: 3
  • Hirenkyaku: 1

Further Information

Quincy Heritage: The Green family Quincy powers skipped several generations, finally coming to power in James himself, five generations after his namesake, James Alexander Morgan Green, was the last in his family. This isn't the first time the Green family has had the power skip generations, but it likely will be the last. While James is the first in five generations to have the power, the Green family has had a cycle under each name they bore. Five times the power skips, and then it goes back to each generation for another five. And James is the fifth generation skip.

Personality Traits: Militant to the nth degree, James has a set routine that he goes through, even in his everyday life. Even his style of attire shows this dedication to the way of life he's had for the past seven years, and will likely have for the next three or more years as well. Everything has to be in its place, or James rips someone apart. Formal and somewhat stiff while in uniform, James seems like the epitome of his rank to those he associates with while on duty.

However, the true depth of his personality becomes evident when he's off duty. Even in his off duty hours, his clothing is kept immaculate at all costs, and he even wears gloves while off duty, if slightly different from the ones that he wears while on duty. Calm and quiet to the extreme, James doesn't often raise his voice unless he's barking orders while on duty, and that's the only time he really does so. Many times, he's been accused of being completely emotionless because of how calm he stays.

James was born at Fort Benning in Georgia, to Major Ian Green and Lieutenant Marie Damira-Green, in the middle of his father's twenty-fifth year of active duty, and his mother's thirteenth. His father was overseas on the day he was born, but he was back home in time for James's first birthday.

James was always odd, even from a young age. He started talking by the time he was eight months old, simple words like momma and dadda, and was walking without a single wobble by his first birthday. But through all of this, his mother and father were both overly relieved because they saw no sign of what his father viewed as a curse: the gift of a Quincy.

He grew up at Fort Benning, his father being stationed there through necessity. He grew up rather uneventfully, his life filled with school and helping out with small things on the base itself. However, this gave rise to a very early desire to join the military himself, a desire both his parents were a bit wary of, but encouraged soon enough.

When he turned eighteen, he signed the paperwork, going through basic at the head of his company, and halfway through, he was offered training as an Airborne Ranger, much to the excitement of his parents. He took the training, specializing in close range combat and sidearms.

Unfortunately, when the war in Iraq started, James was immediately shipped out to Baghdad, and was part of the unit that found Saddam Hussein hiding in his hole. During that mission, a strange creature attacked his unit, a creature that none of the others could see. He's still not sure how he did it, but a strange projectile fired out of the palm of his hand as he raised it to fend off the creature's attack on him, shattering the odd mask it was wearing and causing it to disintegrate.

He didn't tell anyone about this, worried that they'd think he was crazy. He continued on, aiding in both Iraq and Afghanistan where he was needed. He suffered several injuries during the entire war, but none of them were bad enough to cause a medical discharge.

In 2011, he announced intentions to move to Japan, and the Army obliged (thanks to his father, now a Lieutenant Colonel, pulling strings) by restationing him for the last three years of his initial term in the Army to Japan, as a member of the United States Forces: Japan taskforce, and has just now arrived in Japan, looking forward to a steady future of income and easy work.

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Quickening (Initial Quincy Power)

This is the innate power that a Quincy awakens during their initial training.

Combat Style: James's style of combat revolves around dual-wielding a pair of Kel-Tec PLR-16s with nickel-plated handles, gifts from his father, his father's own guns. They are modified slightly, modifications having been made by both James and Ian, for upgraded firepower, and increased firing speed. In addition, one of James's upgrades is a hair trigger that makes it that much quicker to get the shots fired.

Ability: James's Quickening manifests as a fiery halo around any rounds fired, adding a punch to each shot when he wishes it. Unlike normal fire, however, the fire that surrounds James's shots is tinged with the silver of Reishi.

  • [b]Technique 1: TBD
  • [b]Technique 2: TBD
  • [b]Technique 3: TBD
  • [b]Technique 4: TBD
  • [b]Technique 5: TBD
  • [b]Technique 6: TBD
    Later abilities will be added to this post after they are achieved
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