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Justin Greene
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Name: Justin Greene

Description: a slim, well toned, sprinters build for the body, including some very minor scars on the torso from childhood exploits.

Race: Shinigami

Rank: Officer of Squad 5

Reiatsu: 200 (divide this total among the other 4 stats)

Strength: 45

Defense: 35

Speed: 60

Spirit: 60

Unarmed Combat Proficiency: 1

Houhou: 2

Weapon Combat: 2

Hadou: 3

Bakudou: 2

Ability : Justin’s Shikai has the capability to manipulate the gravitational pull on the immediate area of impact

Technique 1: (to be filled in later)

Personality Traits: Justin is a kind and dependable person who tends to be more open about his life and actions than he should be, but he considers anything to be better than reserved. There are pieces of his past that he hides, not out of fear or bad memories, simply resentment for certain people.

History: Justin isn’t necessarily the standard Shinigami when you think of the Gotei 13, he is actually probably one of the most unusual Shinigami you would ever meet. This man is from another time period, and maybe even another universe all together. His story began twenty years ago but is rather uneventful so let’s just skip to the entertaining bits, shall we?

The core of Justin’s story started two years ago in his life, when he began a war to take over the world, unite all countries under one set of rules and one flag. His campaign was long and hard and every day he strained his body to its very limits, until he could go through a night of long meditation. He was on the verge of victory when he attained a form of astral projection during his meditation of the night, only to leave his body far behind and find himself in a mysterious world full of people in black robes and after a bit of explaining and sword dodging he managed to find his way into the Shinigami Academy, a place where he could learn to use skills he never knew he had.

It wasn’t long till he soared up to the top of his class, passing through the Academy and being recruited into the 5th squad because of his unique condition, he had managed to acquire his Shikai before he had even graduated, finding his blades name and command was “Crush them, Atsuryoku!” And this is when we have caught up in the story, shortly after he has secured his position as an Officer.

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