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Meanwhile! In Division 11! [Open]
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Idō was feeling good, waking up in his officer's chamber in the 11th division barracks. Rubbing his head, his hand smoothly moved along his hairless scalp. Stroking his goatee, he walked over to the mirror. His muscles were bulging from his skin, pushing them to the limits. His head was out of the mirrors height and his head almost hit the ceiling. Bending down to pick crud out of his teeth and fix his facial hair. He finally got his giant robes on. The robes covered his giant muscles, they were quite baggy for some reason. It's almost like they had a shinigami bigger than Idō.

Idō strapped his zanpakutō, Gādoītā, to his side. He just called Gādoītā Gad so he didn't have to bother with the long name, especially when reciting his shikai and Gādoītā was fine with his little nickname. He left the door, bending down so he didn't hit his head through the doorway. He walked through the hallways, looking down to make sure he didn't knock anyone down. People looked in fear of the giant walking through the hallways, even the other officers. Reaching the doors into the 11th division training grounds the guards watched as the hulking man passed by.

He walked over to a line of training dummies. Each dummy had metal armor on and were sturdy enough to support a hit from Idō. Idō put his right hand into his left and cracked his knuckles. Then with the other hand. Without releasing his zanpakutō from its sheath he started to beat on the dummy. Punching rampantly at the metal armor on the dummy, he was making the armor dent. He took a firm stance after being warmed up and leaned back. Bending his arms, he sent one bent arm behind his back. The elbow poked out from the back. Clenching his hand into a fist his bicep bulged. Taking a step forward and focusing on the metal armor's center. Idō jabbed his knuckles deep into the armor, leaving a large dent. The dent was powerful enough to even crack the armor. A metal chip fell off and slashed into Idō's fist. His fist started bleeding. However, all he did was move over to the supplies in the training room, ripped a piece of bandage and wrapped it up.

Idō walked back over to the dummy to train his hand to hand skills more. Punch after punch, Idō attempted a kick. The base of the sandal on his foot slammed into the dent, but the energy bounced through the armor and back into his foot. Idō's thigh cramped up and made him fall onto his ass. On the ground, Idō grabbed his thigh and started to stretch it. He pulled both thighs to be sure, spinning his arms, and twisting his torso... he just forgot to stretch that's all. Idō went back to his fist and bent his legs. He continued to slam his fists, elbows, and shoulders into the armor. Idō once again leaned back on one leg, lifting the other. Smashing the base of his sandal into the bigger dent now. Slamming with his strength, the armor cracked even further and even split in half. The armor fell to the floor around the dummy with a clang. Idō cracked his knuckles once again and stretched his bones.

"Ahh... now that I'm warmed up, I'll practice my zanjutsu." Idō said in his low, scratchy voice. Idō bent his knees and held his blade with two hands. Slinging it out he flashed it across the wooden dummy's chest, leaving a large gash. Splinters flew everywhere, "If it's going to be that easy, I'll use one hand." Idō said trying to amuse himself in his daily training. Idō released his left hand from the hilt of Gad. Holding the other hand behind his back he held the sword to the dummy's 'throat' to get started. Stepping backwards, one hand behind his back, the other with Gad in hand. Gad was pointed to the floor behind him. Slinging Gad towards the dummy. The blade slashed into the neck of the dummy, leaving another gash. More splinters flew out, not as much as the two handed slash, but enough. Idō sent out a flurry of slashes on the chest, the chest was becoming engraved with the slashes and gashes of Gad's cuts. "I'm getting bored with zanjutsu..." Idō said removing his hand from behind his back. Grabbing the hilt with both hands. He rose the blade way above his head and slashed down. The blade crashed onto the scalp of the dummy. The blade gashed deep into the head, if it was a 'living' being it would make it half way through the brain and then some. The slash dug halfway through the head. Releasing one hand on Gad, Idō leaned back on one leg. Sending a kick into the gashed head of the dummy, it connected with great force. His calves bulging where it hit the center of the dummy's head. The dummy's head splintered out and cracked all over, even in the body. The head split into two separate parts, falling onto the floor and rolling around the broken armor. Idō sighed and sheathed his blade again.

"Alright then, time for Reflect..." Idō said, taking a quick breather. Unsheathing his blade yet again, "Han'ei Gādoītā!" Idō said summoning his zanpakutō's shikai. Gad began to shine with a bright red light of Idō's Reiryoku. Enveloping the blade and a large area around him. The red shine covered Idō's entire front torso and face. He spread his arms as the red light closed in. While the red light closed in a red oval shape appeared by Idō's left hand remaining in the red light. In Idō's right hand was a long conical shape. The red light sent out a wave of energy that blew Idō's ha- goatee upwards. The red light disappeared from the shapes. In his left hand was a big white tower shield with a big blue gem in the center. In the right was a long, white, lance. Each of these were connected by a white chain, the white chain also branched off and connected to Idō's right wrist. Each link in the chain was adorned with blue gems.

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