Variant Power Paths

The races you see aren't nearly so set in stone as they appear. As an individual grows, it is entirely possible to grow through some form of mixed evolution. Keep in mind that these options are NOT more powerful than the base races, and tend to be more of a hassle to use. In essence, these are simply here to expand the pool of character concepts, and provide for a more varied gaming experience.

Hybrids (Shinigami and Hollow that blur the line between the two races)

  • Vaizard: Shinigami obtains an inner hollow and hollow powers. A Vaizard can never master his bankai, and only a Vaizard that never achieves bankai can obtain resurreccion.

    1. Shikai + Bankai + Hollow Mask

    2. Shikai + Hollow Mask + Resurreccion

  • Arrancar: Hollow that rips off it's mask, obtaining Shinigami powers. As a Vasto Lorde is the purest, truest essence of what a hollow can be, Vasto Lordes can not become Arrancar.

    1. Adjucha + Resurreccion

    2. Hyakusho + Resurreccion + Segunda Etapa

Ascended Humans: A powerful human that dies has a chance to transcend the normal parameters of death, and become something more. Typically Quincy become Shinigami, while Chiryoku become Menos, bypassing the feeding period as a lesser hollow. Only the usual progressions are shown below. Note that an Ascended Human retains it's memories and abilities after ascension, and can never become a hybrid, or attain the peak of their secondary race's power (Mastered Bankai and Vasto Lorde respectively.) 
Ascension is done in a thread intended specifically for that purpose, and can NOT be used as a cop-out of an unintended death. Also bear in mind that Ascended Humans manifest after death in their respective species home dimensions.

  • Quincy Shinigami (keep in mind that Quincy Shinigami will have Zanpakuto that function similarly enough to their abilities on earth to retain the use of their abilities and techniques, and as a result are much more likely to have non-sword sealed state Zanpakuto.)

    1. Basic Quincy + Shikai + Bankai

    2. Basic Quincy + Sanrei + Shikai

  • Chiryoku Hollow 

    1. 1st stage + Hyakusho + Adjucha

    2. 1st stage + Second Stage + Hyakusho
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