Nippon Bleach RPG Introduction

Here at Nippon Bleach RPG we've taken the concept of Bleach as created by Tite Kubo, and given it a history and a purpose. The forces of Soul Society known as Shinigami have been sent reeling. A scant twenty-five years ago the demons broke out of hell, devastating the Gotei 13 and plunging the spirit world into turmoil. Monstrous spiritual creatures known as Hollows freely prowl about seeking whom they may devour, with the under-staffed Shinigami completely unable to keep up with the demand.

People mysteriously disappear each day across the globe, with Japan taking the worst of it. The once tightly controlled Spiritualists and Quincy are now an important asset in the protection of mankind, having broken their Shinigami shackles and earned their place those twenty-five years prior. With the entire spiritual world turned on it's head, the time is ripe for change, the scene is set for an epic Bleach RPG. What role will you take, what changes will you make, and how will you shape the world?

Welcome to Nippon Bleach RPG

We're proud to label this a 'hardcore' Bleach RPG, in which character death (among other things) is a very real possibility dictated by gameplay. Those who are unwilling to risk their character's lives or honor in a tactical roleplay environment should turn back now. The violence, language, and sexuality of Nippon Bleach RPG is rated R according to the MPAA, although some threads may exceed that rating. Such content will be spoilered for the benefit of those who would prefer to keep their innocence (or in some cases their lunch.)

If this is your first time here at our Bleach RPG, please visit our Bleach Character guide, and follow it thoroughly until you've got your character finished and are ready to play. When you've got enough spare time, be sure to thoroughly read the Bleachverse section to get a feel for the world and setting, though for those already familiar with bleach rpgs, the Fuck you Kubo Tite page will point out the main differences.

All that said, welcome to Nippon Bleach RPG, and prepare for a badass roleplay experience unlike any you've had before. If you like the place, be sure to spread the word and tell the masses how much ass Nippon Bleach RPG kicks. There can be no doubt, that this is a

Bleach RPG without equal

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